Today we lost Robin Williams. It’s just odd to type that out. He’s been around since I was a kid, watching Mork and Mindy with my mom and dad. He’s been a staple in hilarity my entire life, and he’s gone. It’s not even that he’s died, but committed suicide. Words are hard to come by after hearing that. It’s hard to imagine someone so full of life, so brilliantly funny, someone who made so many people happy, couldn’t find peace. That’s mental illness, that’s severe depression. He made it 63 years before he lost that fight, or maybe he won, hard to define the perspective. Anyways, tonight I wanted to draw Robin Williams as I first met him, as Mork from Ork. I didn’t meet him in person, but I felt like over the years, he’s like that crazy uncle you never really see, but somehow he’s always popping up. The drawing below is my commemoration of #HowIMetRobin as a kid, watching TV, and to remember him for all the laughs he gave me.

Think back to how you met Robin, and have a laugh, share your story or create some art, and use the hashtag #howimetrobin