What’s bad to have twenty five of?

sc-025Undead. Although it’s good to have one that happens to be the twenty fifth daily sketch. I personally love this. I didn’t know where I was going right away with it. Soon as I started drawing though I was thinking about a PvP Wintergrasp run last night… See, my warrior was just realm transferred back to Grizzly Hills (where all my 80s are), and WG was starting up. Well, my warrior is still Horde, and my guildies are all Alliance, so I went all “kick some Corp ass!” and was hunting them down on the field of battle one by one. I got a few of them, some of them I got multiple times (sorry Ulu), but it was fun.

So, this is my homage to my Forsaken warrior Jareck, who will become a Worgen when the Cataclysm expansion comes out in a few months. I personally love this sketch. The head is fantastic and somewhat visceral, the muscled yet decaying body, and the mohawk just make this one fun and awesome.