Tali and Miranda

miranda-taliLike the rest of the world, I’m a fan of Mass Effect, and after finishing Mass Effect 3 I decided to do some drawings of a couple characters. I wasn’t the biggest fan of Miranda in ME2, but in ME3 her diversion was sweet and sad for her, and a touching little story. Tali is another menace altogether. How can anyone not love Tali through the whole series? She’s a pretty phenomenal character, and while she wasn’t my FemShep’s love interest, I did hear some of the audio clips of Tali if she were, and they were certainly rivaling the heart-string tugs that Garrus had going on. Anyways, I drew Tali sans helmet, but rather than based off that shitty stock photo job, I based it off DeviantArtist Nebezial’s interpretation of Calisto-Lynn’s Quarian concept.  To me, this is what a Quarian should look like.