I haven’t posted in a long time. I meant to post all the artwork I did for the WoW commissions I got before, but I just kept not finding the time. I did post them all to my Deviant Art account a while back, but I didn’t really get the […]

Long time, no post.

That’s what she said! Anyways… so the site looks like a little plain, a little weird, and thing might be screwy for the next few days. I’m updating, and I found myself a nice to work with bare bones responsive theme because I don’t like the functionality of my current […]

But it looks weird!

So back before graphics, a popular was to play role-playing games was MUD style adventures, entirely text-based. I was a big fan for a summer about fifteen years ago. Anyways, one of my customers asked me to draw his MUD character, which obviously was only from a description he provided. […]

MUD on!

My last post about Reddit was due to a post I submitted to Reddit calling for art commissions, which grabbed my website almost 4000 hits in about 36 hours, which is a huge difference from the average 1.21 visitors/day I had. I also got 27 orders for artwork, which I’ve […]

The Start of Something Awesome

Hey – anyone coming here from Reddit, if you didn’t see the details in topic, I’m doing commissions on the cheap! I’ve hit a really rough financial patch with my wife, which resulted in having to return the handful of gifts were purchased, and we’re still behind on bills. I’m […]

Hi Reddit!

This is a nautolan from Star Wars, drawn after a fan requested it on DeviantArt. Yep, I have a fan, what now bitches? But seriously, I’m happy with the turn out, considering putting down some colors on this tendril-headed lady.


I’m exceptionally proud of myself on this one. I’ve piddled away at it for a month and a half after doing an initial sketch, and I finally am finished and happy with the end result. I did the base sketch off of a photo of a Zerina Cosplay version of […]

Vanessa Van Cleef

Reddit has this wonderful subreddit, /r/playitforward, in which regular people give away games. Sometimes these people have fun little contests to decide who wins, this one is about cats, and drawings must include red lasers and/or fire. This is my entry. Here’s the link to the contest: http://www.reddit.com/r/playitforward/comments/uvy37/bastion/


She’s back, and this time has a pimp cane and tasty beverage. This was just a fun way to fill up the final page of my sketchbook before starting a new one. I kept it light and fun with a bit of a summer theme. I imagine this is how […]

The Return of Booba Fett

So I wanted to try to get better at faces that have character to them. I googled references and drew up a bunch of different celebrities. Ultimately I think this was a failure if looked at as a test, but I did learn a bunch from this process, and plan […]

Celebrity Likenesses

Amazon wizards! Seriously this just came out of nowhere. I was looking at some stills from John Carter because I really dig the costume design, then started sketching. I think it might be a little too directly influenced, but I like it anyway.

Amazon Wizard