I wrote this a few months ago, like August 2015 I think, but thematically it’s still a great post, and I wanted to share it. I didn’t update it because I so well captured my excitement. I’ll post some updates at the end of the article. Please, enjoy! It’s a […]

It’s a great day, for a great day.

My mother-in-law shared this post on Facebook, Bloomberg’s Paul Ford really covers what code is, how it functions and so much more. It’s a really good read, even if a long one, but I highly recommend taking some time out and reading through it, even if you just scan and […]

Paul Ford: What Is Code?

Last time I posted about Fitness trackers I had written off my LG G Watch a viable tracker and had become a bit fan of the Jawbone UP24. I’ve also since tested FitBit Zip in the time since, and let me tell you, my opinions have changed a lot. Back […]

Fitness Trackers, part Two

I recently read an article at titled 5 Branding Tips for Small Businesses on a Budget and it got me thinking about that on different scales. The author, Pamela Webber of 99designs, doesn’t qualify what a small business is in these terms, but I’m getting anywhere fifty employees and under, […]

Business of One Marketing Tips

At work we’ve announced an internal Wellness Program to help push everyone into healthier lifestyles. One of the perks is that after we finish an initial health screening, we get a Fitbit Zip, which will be used to track a 7500 step per day goal. I’m personally excited about the […]

Fitness Trackers and Wellness Programs

WINDOOOOOOOOOOOWS TENNNNNNNNNN! Yep. I’m excited for Windows 10 and all the things it will bring to users and developers. If you’ve lived under a rock, Windwos 10 comesout in 8 days on July 29, and is free for anyone with a copy of Windows 7 and 8 and brings a […]

Windows 10

Full view of my fall of Arthas artwork. Probably spent a good 20-30 hours on it. I redid a lot of it over and over, finally ended up here and I’m pretty happy with it overall.


Almost every site anymore has some kind of carousel, slider, whatever you want to call it. It takes up a huge amount of digital real estate and doesn’t provide anything to the experience. Carousels do get clicks, but the largest call out on any page tends to get clicks so […]

Carousels have become the new tag

Being a front-end developer, there’s a lot of different things out there I can dip into. SASS*, LESS*, various frameworks and the like, but really, why should I learn some of these? Better yet, let’s answer why not to. Some things make process easier, jQuery is a great example. It […]

When to Learn Something New

Today we lost Robin Williams. It’s just odd to type that out. He’s been around since I was a kid, watching Mork and Mindy with my mom and dad. He’s been a staple in hilarity my entire life, and he’s gone. It’s not even that he’s died, but committed suicide. […]