My Worlds

Creating worlds is probably one of the most fun things I can do, but it always takes a lot of time, like months, sometimes years! I’ve created a handful of worlds I write and draw in, some came out about in a day, some came about over a few years. This page is to share those worlds, even if there isn’t any way you can experience them, yet. So, without further ado, here are my worlds:


This book was my first attempt at NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month 2013) and it was based off a dream I had. The premise is that a mid-twenty-something software developer named Jaecyn, and her best friend and retail bum John, come across a small collection of alien artifacts in her grandma’s house. Learning of a family history she never knew and seeing where the mysterious trail of these artifacts lead, her and John find a whole new world they couldn’t have expected.

The book is very short, just over the required 50k words and I self-published on Amazon without editing because it was free and I was running out of time to use it. It’s bad, but I think a good idea was in there somewhere. This world in particular is interesting to me, because I usually create some art and make a world around that in my head, whereas this was a dream and the next week I decided to enter the contest and I started writing. The character never became real to me and to this day, have no idea what they should look like.



Once upon a time, a young boy named Jarett had big dreams of being a comic book artist. As it turns out, that’s really hard to do and doesn’t pay much, so he went onto other things. HOWEVER, in late 2016 after meeting some fine people at FantastiCon Toledo, he connected with Shawna Shepherd and months of hard work later, published SUPER/ANGELA. Jarett became a comic book artist. The little boy was happy, as was the supremely good-looking adult version. Supremely.

SUPER/ANGELA, at it’s heart, is about a woman who’s trying to be who she needs to be regardless of what everyone around her says. She knows she’s a superhero, but no one believes her. Will you?

While issue #1 came out this spring, there’s only a small number of them left. Email me or see me at a convention to see if there’s availability.



Exiles is my biggest world so far. I have a map of two continents drawn out, history spanning a couple thousand years, factions, religions and a bunch of characters. I have a whole page dedicated to this one, but here’s a little background on how it came about. I first tried to do this in an intagram web-comic format, but I wasn’t digging it there. I pulled back and re-evaluated, then wrote an overly verbose version for NaNoWriMo 2015, which got 3 re-writes of the opening 50 or so pages and I still haven’t settled on anything. That said, conceptually this one is still my favorite.

As someone who loves characters and creating concepts, there’s always a character or two that never really leaves me after I create them, some characters in this have been rumbling through sketchbooks for years. The main character, Jaecyn-I know, but I really like that name and have a whole meta idea for my books if I ever manage to finish one, and I mean finish with full-on editing!-she came about in a doodle one day, but was as distinctive in my head an anything else. Another character was based sort of off a video game but not. In this book there’s another character, a mage who is known as the stormlord because he once destroyed a small village as a boy in a violent rage-that guy came from this player character named Jaedynn played in a custom world built within the Neverwinter Nights game. The overall aesthetic of being this mysterious super-powerful mage adorned in white and blue became a staple character I drew for a long time. I eventually morphed him into my story, and while currently he doesn’t resemble the original concepts, he will, like a Pokemon evolution.

I have plans for this world but I keep treating it very careful and with a lot of uncertainty. I feel like this is sort of my crown jewel and I need to give it the air it needs before finishing this story.

Check out some concept art and additional info about Exiles & Outcasts >>



Sometimes ideas come to me when I dream, The Sword and the Spaceship was based off of a crazy dream, Jack came to me over the course of a lot of dreams.

I’ve always been a pretty vivid dreamer, regardless of my state of consciousness. The older I’ve gotten the more vivid my dreams have become to a point where I sometimes feel like I actually had those experiences. The best part is it’s never a bad experience and it feels like every night is movie night in my head. As my dreams became more vivid and lifelike, I started to wonder, what if these aren’t dreams, but actually worlds in other dimensions that my subconscious can access and move between, but obviously only when I sleep. I started to categorize dream types, like ones where I feel like I’m just observing the world (often those have no sound, only visual) I decided that the me in those alternate dimensions must be dead, which is why I can’t interact with that world, I’m no longer part of it in any real sense. I’m also not travelling there myself, but rather porting my consciousness into that alternate dimension’s version of me, so when I wake up I’m just coming back to this real world body. See, my imagination starting running a bit wild with this one, but it became the basis of my first full-produced comic book, well, half of it so far.

I think this idea has a lot of cool story potential, as with alternate dimensions everything is possible. I can explore any kind of storytelling I want through my own lens and it can work. I’m excited for this world to get some meat on it’s bones, for sure.

At the time of writing, Jack the Dreamer #1 is about 1/4 of the way through full production and will be released sometime in 2018.


The Wait of Gravity

The Wait of Gravity by Jarett S Walen is the story of Nora, a young woman in the not too distant future who’s always dreamed of space. When she gets the opportunity for her first visit to see her dad on the moon base, her plans go awry thanks to her boyfriend Harrison. He saves the day and buys her a personal starship with the promise of a dream vacation to a beautiful nebula. Disaster strikes on the way as they pass too close to a black hole, vaulting them 500 years into the future. When she returns to earth, the planet is definitely not as she left it. She has to learn to survive in a new world where the only people she knows is on board her ship. She’ll meet space pirates and new alien beings in a desperate attempt to learn what happened to her old life, her planet and her father. 

I’ve written this story for NaNoWriMo 2017, finishing out at 20k over the 50k word minimum to win, and have since begun the editing process. I’m excited about this one, but its’ going to take some time to get this one done, it’s got some complexity that I didn’t expect to have, but it should still be fun!