Interested in buying something? I have a number of great products I make and contribute to that you might like. Click a store name or logo below to see the shop!


Storenvy // So you want to buy some prints? I have a shop for that.

Custom Art

I do custom commission artwork of whatever you’d like! Want a particular character from movies, games and televisions? What about your character from World of Warcraft or Dauntless? Maybe you’d like to see you and your partner drawn as Doctor Who and Companion, or maybe you want to see how your family looks as Rebel pilots with you as their Jedi commander! If you’re interested in talking more and getting a quote, contact me on Facebook or Instagram.

T-Shirts & Home Products

Teepublic & Threadless // I have a number of designs on these sites, including dabbing superheroes! Both sites are produced on demand by Teepublic/Threadless. Both merchants off more than just shirts, phone cases, throw pillows, stickers and all kinds of stuff (working on getting some custom leggings going too!).

History Swagger // I designed a bunch of history pun t-shirts for, focused on ancient Roman/Greek history.

Beauty Products

Sketchy Suds // In collaboration with Jackie Walen, I craft sticker art that she pairs with beautiful soaps that smell AH-FREAKING-MAZING. Seriously, I love this soap, it’s long lasting, lathers great, and all of her smells are heavenly!

Coming Soon!

  • Poetry book by author Dan Nelson, featuring my artwork! (TBD)
  • Comic book with Dave Herndon (late-2018/early-2019 release)
  • Comic Anthology book with many artists & writers!
  • (late-2018/early-2019 release)
  • More shirts on Teepublic and Threadless! (Q3/Q4 2019)
  • Custom leggings on Threadless! (Q3/Q4 2019)
  • Daily Sketch Booklets // And I haven’t forgotten about putting my daily sketch art from January (Marvel), February (DC), March (Star Wars) and April (Game of Thrones) into art booklets. I’ve got January ready to test print, hoping to have these start popping up soon. (Q4 2019)
  • Novel – The Wait of Gravity (Q2 2020)


I attend a handful of comic conventions over the year, and those are great opportunities to meet up, have a chat, get some prints or custom art, and walk away with a smile. You’ll also see why people have starting calling me “The Unicorn.”

Upcoming Con Schedule:

TORG Gaming Summit // July 6, 2019 // Newark, Ohio
Monroe Pop Fest // September 14, 2019 // Monroe, Michigan


I have a Patreon account that as much as I want to do more, but I don’t have subs and that makes it hard to commit to. If you want to support me there, by all means go ahead, though I can’t promise a lot of updates on there, I have strong interest to start building it if people show interest.